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    Cynthia D. Vogel, LCSW (She/Her)

    Please Note: As of Jan 2023, all my practices will be virtual only. I apologize for any dissappointment, and will update with any change(s) to this. ​​

    Cardinal Support Services for the Lower Columbia River Community

    Bilingual Spanish/English: Si le interesa trabajar conmigo para consejos/terapia, leyendo de cartas divinatorias o Reiki, mandeme un mensaje privado. Espero su llamada o mensaje!


    cardinalsupportservices@protonmail.com o (503)-743-6652



    Serving Oregon State in Clinical Talk Therapy, worldwide for Tarot and Reiki


  • Services and Healing Methods:

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    Therapy and Social Work Licensure Supervision, Oregon

    Private Pay: Cash, BTC or Barter. I accept some private insurance as well.

    I currently offer Narrative or Art Therapy to adults from an Internal Family Systems (IFS) framework, and have been trained in IFS Level I. In the past, I worked extensively in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and am comfortable treating trauma, grief and other emotional challenges in ways that are informed by these therapeutic interventions. All parts of you are welcome.


    In addition to individual therapy, I offer Social Work Licensure supervision for the State of Oregon. Prior to getting my MSW, I worked at the Bachelor's level, accruing over 20 years of experience in the field of mental health and healing.


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    Karuna-Holy Fire Distance Reiki Session

    I am a Holy Fire Reiki practitioner and studied under Colleen Benelli. I offer 50 minute distance sessions. Reiki is an energy medicine system originating in Japan. It is appropriate for people seeking healing on deep, energetic levels and can be powerful during life transitions, times of vulnerability and grief, and to recover from high intensity events and circumstances. It is also a powerful ally to aid and work in tandem with Western medical treatments for chronic or terminal conditions. Reiki interacts with the Chakra system. People who utilize Reiki treatments describe feelings of increased internal peace, improvements in chronic pain management, improved sleep and significant stress alleviation. More information from The Atlantic:



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    In-Depth Tarot and Divination Reading

    I have been reading Tarot since I was 15. I use a combination of traditional Tarot decks and Oracle cards to provide deeply helpful and insightful readings. I have also designed my own text-based, Jungian informed Oracle deck to further clarify readings of all types. This deck, The Vogel Thimbleberry Deck, is only available for purchase through me.

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    Plant Medicines and Ritual Baths/Herbal Soaks (coming soon!)

    • Lovingly drawn and prepared outdoor, woodfire heated ritual baths and healing soaks infused with cleansing salts, Reiki and plant essences; timed to a moon phase or your availability.
    • Handmade Hag Taper candles to empower your intentions
    • Flower essences for spiritual and emotional healing.

    I am a trained herbalist and folk magic practitioner. I work with a cross-section of local plants growing in abundance in the PNW, both native and introduced. I use plant medicines in a variety of ways such as preparing spiritual and relaxing healing soaks, flower essences, and magical and ritual tools. I can make recommendations, as well as offer some preparations for home.


    Healing baths (coming soon) are prepared by me in an outdoor, cast iron clawfoot slipper tub and heated by woodfire. They are considered sacred, and the setting is designed for your privacy and meditation. Please PM me for more information.

  • About Me

    Professional and Relevant Personal History:

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    Education and Training:

    I got my MSW degree from Eastern Washington University in 2015 and went on to teach Field Instruction for the program. I am a licensed supervisor with The Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers:



    I have two undergraduate degrees in Spanish and Latin American Studies from The Evergreen State College (1995), and in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking from Portland State University (2012).


    I have completed Reiki study and Attunements through Colleen Benelli:



    I have studied Folk Magic under Corinne Boyer:



    I have formally studied Western Herbalism through completion of the one-year Foundational Course at the Vital Ways School of Traditional Western Herbalism:


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    Antifascism, Racial Justice and Mutual Aid:

    Please consider donating to the following organizations serving people and planet in our region:


    Don't Shoot Portland:



    La Resistencia:



    Chinook Indian Nation:



    Lana Jack:

    Cash App: $riverwyam



    Rainbow Advocacy and Inclusion Network Services (RAINS):






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    I was born and raised locally in the Columbia River, rural Clark County region of the Watlala-Chinook. I am survivor of traumatic familial loss and sexual assault based PTSD. I identify as a cis, white woman benefitting from unearned social and structural privilege; and part of my responsibility as a provider of therapeutic services is to educate and inform myself on systemic social and environmental in/equity, and strive to be accountable to my community for my privileges.

    I'm an INFJ.


    I work from my heart and utilize evidence based practices in talk therapy and licensure supervision. I look forward to working with you!










  • Prices and Products

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    Talk Therapy in Oregon only until further notice.

    All payments due at time of service

    Talk Therapy:

    $125 per 50 min session cash.

    I also accept Regence/Blue Cross of Oregon and Aetna.


    $300 flat rate for DSM-V comprehensive diagnostic assessment and referral. (1 120 min visit).


    Licensure Supervision:

    $85 per hour, individual

    $65 per hour, group


    Reiki Session: $50 per hour


    Tarot-Divination Reading:

    $45 per reading


    *Reiki, herbalism services and Tarot readings are not intended to be curative in nature and are not to be considered as viable or appropriate replacement treatments for medical health conditions. Please continue or seek traditional medical treatment in addition to these complimentary and alternative modalities.

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    Vogel Thimbleberry Oracle Deck, Hag Tapers and more!

    Thimbleberry Deck: Designed and conceived by Yours Truly, the Thimbleberry deck is a text-based Oracle deck influenced by alchemical philosophy and spirituality, as well as Jungian Archetypes of The Collective Unconscious. They are designed to be used as part of your traditional Tarot readings, or on their own in small reads of no more than 3 cards.


    Hag Tapers (available this spring): These candles/small magical torches are handmade by me using personally and ethically wildcrafted Mullein stalks. They are perfect for burning when you are facing a crossroads in your life, and want to lend strength to your desires and manifestations for your future.


    Flower Essences, dried herbal tea and ritual bath blends for home:

    I have a limited apothecary of plant medicines I prepare based on the seasons and space where I live. Please inquire at your visit if you are interested in Essences for emotional and spiritual growth and we can see if I have plants available for you.

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    About Bartering:

    I would love to Barter for everything, but I have to make a living.  If I don't accept a barter offer, it's not personal. Trades of particular interest to me are massage, acupuncture, hair, nails, esthetician, home canned garden produce, locally hunted or raised meat or fish, bookkeeping/taxes.




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